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     The    Watch


In 1725, following the Jacobite rebellion of 1715, George 1 sanctioned General George Wade to form six watch companies to patrol the Highlands of Scotland. These companies were in charge of disarming the Highlanders, bringing justice to criminals and hindering rebels. The force was known in Gaelic as Am Freiceàdan Dubh, the dark or black watch. Their moto- Nemo Me Impune Lacessit. No one provokes me with impunity.

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A Deadly Assassin.

A Prima Ballerina.

He was as dangerous as he was seductive...

Wraith never asked for a second chance at life when he was forced to join the top-secret organization known only as The Watch. Now with a new identity, his first assignment is simple. Take out business tycoon Angus McNeil. Only, to infiltrate McNeil’s world, he must use the man’s granddaughter, Primrose, a young dancer with the Scottish National Ballet.

He penetrates her mind, seduces her soul...

Pim finds herself in the middle of a scandal, linking an accident at the ballet company to her grandfather, as Angus McNeil’s dangerous dealings begin to unravel around her and she is forced to work with a mysterious stranger. He offers her protection, but there is another hiding in the shadows who offers her transcendence. She finds herself questioning her own desires, trust the man whose authority brings her to her knees, or submit to her passion to reach artistic perfection. In a psychological race through Scotland, they will each have to face their own demons in order to survive.

Pain is a uniquely human indulgence and through it, we can see beauty in the most free and pure form.

On the last night of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Charlotte Hanover finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She didn't mean to witness the murder of two men. Kidnapped, bound and gagged, she finds herself in the back of a trunk. She has only one thought, escape, or die trying.
Sinclair Stuart shouldn't have taken the lass. He knew the minute he looked into her eyes, it had been a mistake. Someone had tipped off Viktor Sokolov and his men, and now he and the girl were fugitives. In order to keep them both alive, he needs for her to fear him.
From the dazzling city lights of Edinburgh to the rugged northern coast of Scotland, Sin understands the danger they are in, not only from the twisted and mad Sokolov, but also the secret organization he works for, The Watch. Vows will be tested, and expectations will need to be met in order for them both to survive.

Lennox: I have one goal in life – to avenge my father’s death. To do it, I must link my life to the last man on Earth I should trust.

When a mysterious letter arrives on Lennox Chelton’s doorstep, it sets events into motion. Without really understanding how it happened, she is forced to team up with the leader of the Bratva, Viktor Sokolov. He promises her the retribution she so desires, but it comes at a price. Evil lurks around every corner, blurring the lines of morality and whom she can trust.

Carmichael: I have been described as a rogue, a rebel, even the devil himself. When Edinburgh is plagued by a serial killer, as The Watch’s top agent I am put on the case.

When a feisty young woman is thrust into his life, Carmichael MacGregor has one choice, let his wall down and show her his true self or risk her life to a madman.

She knew taking the job would cost her everything. She just didn’t realize it would have her on her knees and begging for mercy.
When Skye Anderson agrees to represent the murderer of a local politician, she has no idea what she is getting herself involved in. Suddenly, she is faced with death threats and formidable enemies who threaten to destroy the very foundation of her life. But when a sexy man known only as Storm is ordered to protect her, she has never felt safer. Little does she know he’s a killer himself.
He has wanted her since the first time he saw her, and he will stop at nothing to show her he is in charge. Storm has one job, to protect the feisty young solicitor who was hired to represent Alexander MacKay. It proves harder than he expects when the lass disappears every time he turns his head. But there are threats that are beyond his control, and when his past is brought to the forefront, he risks losing everything.
Can these two lovers overcome the things that are keeping them apart to find their happily ever after, or are they doomed never to be together?

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