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Every year, in an undisclosed location, there is a gathering of British billionaires. The secret conference, it is rumored, is a concentration of wealth where the most powerful business moguls in the United Kingdom gather to participate in nefarious parties, plot global domination, and further social connections, all while striking multi-billion-dollar merger deals. It is whispered they are ruthless and evil. Monsters in the form of humans. They’ve been called the shadow world government. The lords of luxury. The billionaire kings. What is known is they consider themselves to be omnipotent and untouchable to any force.

Everyone has a price, even monsters.

And it is usually paid out in blood and tears.


I won’t be bought.

But Keir Wilson needed a wife.

He offered me an arrangement, which I refused.


My mistake.


Rich, powerful, and ruthless, the billionaire CEO took me anyway and forced me to marry him before ruining me in his bed.

Now I am stranded on a private island with a monster in disguise, and I am his to do with as he pleases.

I should hate his icy heart, but when a threat forces me into his arms, I am drawn to his protection and his dark desires.


Only there is a problem.

I have been promised to another.

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