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The Glenn Torridon Series


Meet Ian and Ailsa McLennan

The Duke and Duchess of Torridon


Ailsa has three principles she lives by: never rely on anyone, never care for anyone, and never love anyone. With her failing career on the line, she flees to Scotland to make one last-ditch effort to save it. However, she is involved in a car crash during a storm and finds herself in the care of Dr. Ian McLennan.

Ian McLennan, Laird of Glen Torridon, gave up practicing medicine after a tragic accident claimed the life of a loved one. When a headstrong lass turns up on his property, injured and in need of attention, he is thrust back into action in more than one way. A storm is brewing, and he fears the eye of it is a reckless lass in need of guidance.

Ian offers Ailsa a deal to keep her safe, but it comes at a cost she is not willing to pay – she must obey his every command. Can she learn to trust the man who can help her, or will her own rules get in the way?

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.Ailsa McKenzie is shocked when her fiancé hands her a domestic discipline contract. He promised her when he proposed that she could continue to be an independent woman. But that’s not his only surprise. He’s been keeping a secret from her that will change the trajectory of their entire relationship. Is their love strong enough to survive this new revelation?

Doctor Ian McLennan, Laird of Glen Torridon, has one definite view on marriage, and it starts with him as head of the household, but convincing his spirited bride-to-be that this is the type of relationship she not only needs, but wants, will be a challenge. Especially when an unseen dilemma surfaces about his ancestry.

Forced into a series of unexpected events, they’ll need to learn to trust not only each other again, but others as well, turning a simple contract into the key to their survival.

When the innocent and vulnerable Ailsa McKenzie first met dark and brooding Dr. Ian McLennan she had no idea her life would be changed forever. Their affair was intense, sparking a romance that would unleash a series of events that were not only demanding but dangerous and exposing secrets from both their pasts. Through it all, Ailsa found a surprising solace in the comfort of Ian’s commands and strict punishments.

Now, with their honeymoon over, The Duke and Duchess of Torridon must return to their everyday lives, only this time there would be no marriage contract to protect them. Ailsa must learn to navigate her new position and the challenges it imposes as she explores her own dark desires in her husband’s new chamber. And Ian must come to terms with his constant need to control.


But not everything is idyllic as old enemies and new passions collide putting all involved at risk. Ailsa is forced to face her deepest fears and it comes with a decision that will change everyone’s lives forever. 

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