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Scottish Submission Series

 Follow the MacFarlane clan from the wild Highlands of 18th century Scotland to the New World and Nova Scotia


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A curse haunts the MacFarlane Clan: any firstborn daughter of the laird must be given to Clan Grant in marriage, or she will die.

Headstrong Sorcha MacFarlane flees the colonies to Scotland to meet the father she never knew existed. Tricked into a marriage she never wanted, she soon learns her new husband has some stringent rules she is expected to follow.

Edward MacFarlane only married the lass to protect her from a curse. Little did he know how much she would try his patience or the strong feelings he would develop for her. When disaster strikes and her life is in danger, will his love and dominance be enough to save her?

Kellina Crawford doesn’t need a guardian; she certainly does not want one, but when her husband, the viscount, suddenly dies, she is thrust into the hands of a controlling stranger, Hamish MacDonald.

Working as a spy for a secret organization, Kellina wants nothing more than Scotland’s freedom – as well as her own. However, her new guardian has other ideas and insists on her complete obedience.

Hamish MacDonald knew he would have his hands full when he was asked to care for and protect the spoiled Kellina. The lass knew no boundaries. What she needed was a papa to care for her and show her the pleasure of submission. But Kellina has a secret she is keeping from him. Thrown together by the statutes of society, he will need to bring her to her knees and break the very rules she lives by in order to keep her safe.

Desire draws her closer to him with the seduction of his control. Proclaimed the Celtic princess at birth, Fianna was born with all the knowledge of the stars and the moon. Able to read the night sky as a map, she can also discern the stars' meaning and, with them, the future. So, when she is asked to help navigate a secret mission to the new world, she leaves her beloved Scotland for the first time. Only, the journey proves to be perilous, and Fia is teamed up with a Knight Templar whose life is governed by rules and strict obedience. From the beginning, he demands her submission.

James Davidson has one chance to prove himself to the secret society, The Ring of Priests, and it requires him retrieving a hidden artifact. Things become complicated when the princess, who is under his protection, is abducted and he must face the secrets of his past to find the real treasure.

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